Financial Therapy

Resolve your biggest obstacles to financial wellness with confidence and clarity

Resolve your biggest financial challenges and improve overall wellness with confidence and clarity

No matter your past, you can have a long-lasting, healthy relationship with money.

Whether you find yourself stressed by personal finances, struggling with money issues as an entrepreneur, or some combination of both, the process of financial therapy can help you start to think, feel, and interact with money in ways that improve your overall well-being.

My approach to financial therapy considers the whole person, not just the surface impacts of financial struggle. Together, we'll build a plan to help you resolve financial anxiety and find your footing on your path to wealth and wellness.

How is working with a financial therapist different from working with a financial coach, planner, or advisor?

Financial coaches help you set and achieve financial goals. Financial planners help you create long-term roadmaps for your money. Financial advisors work with you to manage your financial assets. Financial therapists, however, work with you on identifying and addressing the roots of your money challenges so that you can shift your money mindset and behaviors positively for the long haul.

When money issues never improve, it can seem like there's no way out. Whether you don't know how to move forward with your finances or some other area of your life, my holistic approach to financial therapy offers you a path to breakthrough.

Financial therapy helps you learn to center your money decisions and behaviors around one critical question:

How does this contribute to my overall wellness?

Here's how we can start working together:


Schedule your Intro Call

Book your 20-minute intro call to learn more about one another and identify your biggest financial obstacle.


Work Your Plan

Co-create a 3-6 month Financial Therapy Plan that helps resolve the source of your biggest financial challenge.


Release the weight of worry

Heal past money traumas and build positive money behaviors that support your wealth and overall wellness.

Steven M. Hughes is a member of the Financial Therapy Association.

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