Financial Wellness for Groups

Talks and workshops to help reduce financial stress for your team or audience

Talks and workshops to help reduce financial stress for your team or audience

I've worked with these incredible companies & organizations to nurture financial wellness for groups:

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I love giving others exactly what they need through speaking engagements to help them change their money mindset, communicate clearly about their finances, and feel confident in their money decisions.

Here are some of my common topics:

By the end of my talks, audiences walk away with decreased anxiety around their money situation, an intentional focus on financial goals and priorities, and greater clarity and confidence around making money decisions. They also eliminate scarcity mindset and find an improved ability to communicate clearly about how they feel and think about upcoming money matters.

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Steven M. Hughes is a Financial Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, and professional speaker who helps private clients, corporate teams, and audiences achieve lasting financial wellness. He has served as a financial expert for ABC’s “Soul of A Nation,” Forbes, Business Insider, and more. Steven is also the founder of the non-profit Know Money®, which exists to help Black college students avoid financial pitfalls and build healthy money mindsets and behaviors. He earned his undergraduate degree from Clemson University, holds a graduate certificate in behavioral finance from Duke University, and a graduate certificate in financial psychology and behavioral finance from Creighton University where he became a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist®.

Steven M. Hughes is a Financial Therapist who blends financial psychology and behavioral finance, proven wealth strategies, and Reiki energy healing to help people build healthy relationships with their money. He goes beyond financial literacy basics to help people address the root causes of their money problems, offering simple frameworks that lead to a healthy financial mindset and lasting change.

Steven also facilitates Financial Wellness programs and leads talks for companies like Google, Tiffany & Company, and ABC to help their audiences reduce financial stress and achieve greater clarity and confidence around their money. As Founder of the non-profit Know Money®, Steven also works with college campuses across the country to teach Black college students how to avoid common money missteps while on campus and create a legacy of financial wellness.

Steven earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Clemson University. He holds a Behavioral Finance certificate from Duke University and a Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance certificate from Creighton University. Steven has also been designated as a Certified Financial Behavior Specialist® through the Financial Psychology Institute, a Reiki Master Teacher and member of the Financial Therapy Association.

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Steven M. Hughes is a member of the Financial Therapy Association.

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